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Skate rental

Don't have your own skates? The old one is way too small? We'll give you a pair.

bácsi korcsolyát élez

Skate sharpening

Skating with blunt skates is difficult and dangerous.

bobby a fóka

Bobby rental

Rent Bobby the seal, a skating aid.

szekrények és ruhatár

Locker and Cloakroom

The entrance ticket includes the use of a locker or the cloakroom

Other services

kürtős kalács


Tired? Youneed to take a break? Thirsty or hungry? Sit down for a minute. Rest and recharge! Drink a hot tea, choose your favourite from the several food trucks. Order a chimney cake from the service area located on the side of the track.

Rent a powerbank

You certainly don't want a dead battery when it's time to take a selfie! Rent a Power Bank and charge your phone while skating.

Lost and found

Whatever we find, we take care of it it until the end of the season. After the season ends we offer the items left to organizations helping underprivileged children. If you’d like to get your item back, please come back during opening hours and we hope you will find it among the lost and found items.

Skate rental

During the opening hours of the City Park Ice Rink, we provide you skates to rent from sizes 26 to 50. It is also possible to rent double-edged skates for small children.

Rental fee: HUF 3,000/couple for one occasion.

Buy your ticket online in the ticket purchase menu item!

Picking up the skates is simple, it is enough to present the rental ticket with a QR code – in digital or printed form – at the skate rental.

Skate sharpening

In the area of the City Park Ice Rink, it is possible to have ice skates professionally sharpened in the rink during opening hours.

The cost of skate sharpening starts at 2200 HUF. 

Rent Bobby the seal, a skating aid.

Rental fee: HUF 800/half hour.


The seals mainly help children to skate, so we recommend them under the age of 14.

Rental process:

  1. Buy your rental ticket at the educational desk in the annex.

  2. A rental ticket is valid for half an hour.

  3. In addition to paying the rental fee, you must pay a deposit of HUF 5,000/seal, for which you will receive a receipt.

  4. After payment, we will give you a token with which you can take the seal from the support stand next to the ice rink.

  5. Lean on the seal or have your child sit on it and push it in front of you.

  6. After use, by putting the seal back, you get the token back, which you can hand in at the training desk. We will then return the deposit.

  7. If you exceed the pre-paid rental time by more than 10 minutes, the fee for the next half hour must also be paid.

  8. You can find the starting time of the rental on the deposit receipt.


Locker - Cloak Room

The valid entrance ticket includes use of the cloak room and a locker.

We provide a card for the lockers, which you can pick up at the ticket offices when you purchase your ticket.

One card comes with one locker.

You can find the opening and closing procedure on the cabinets.

Visitors have access to the Cloak Room/Dressing room with lockers at both ends of the annex.