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Cookie management policy

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  • 1. What are “cookies”?

When the visitor navigates to the pages of the Sport Service Centre of Budapest Nonprofit Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Ice Rink), a so called “cookie” (hereinafter referred to as “cookie”) is placed on your computer, which can serve several purposes.
Some of the “cookies” used by the Ice Rink are essential for the proper functioning of the site (“process cookies”), others collect information about the use of the website (statistics) to make the site more convenient and useful. Some “cookies” are temporary and disappear when the browser is closed, while there are also persistent versions that remain on the computer for a longer period of time.
By accessing the websites operated by the Ice Rink, if your (the visitor’s) browser settings allow it or if you explicitly agree to it when you first visit the site, the website may automatically save information about your computer or the device you use to browse (tablet, smartphone, smart sdevices) and may place so-called computer “cookies” or similar programs on it for this purpose.

  • 2. The purpose of these „cookies”

to facilitate the navigation of the site and thus the use of the website by recording the visitor’s preferences and usage patterns
to identify possible malicious computer operations
to improve the user experience by collecting information on how the visitor uses the website, which pages he visits or uses most frequently. This will help us to know how to provide an even better user experience when they visit our site again
collect statistics and analyse them to help us understand how visitors use other online services in addition to the website, which we can then improve
collect information on the use of the webchat application on the website
further develop and fine-tune the website according to the needs of visitors
placing targeted ads to show the most relevant offers to the visitor

  • 3. Types of “cookies”

“3.1 Session cookies””
Session cookies are necessary for browsing the website and using its features, including the ability to record the actions taken by the visitor on a particular page, feature or service. Without the use of “session cookies”, a smooth use of the website cannot be guaranteed. Their validity is limited to the duration of the visit and they are automatically deleted at the end of the session when you leave the website or close the browser.

The proper functioning of the website is ensured in accordance with the provisions of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services, Article 13/A, paragraph 3. Session cookie used by the website: JSESSIONID3.2 Cookies supporting the Webchat application. A honlap által használt munkamenet (session) cookie: JSESSIONID

3.2 Cookies supporting the webchat application.

The proper functioning of the website is ensured in accordance with the provisions of Act CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce services and information society services, Article 13/A, paragraph 3. Session cookie used by the website: JSESSIONID3.2 Cookies supporting the Webchat application

Web chat cookie used by the website: Customer interaction/LivePerson

3.3 “Usage cookies”

These “cookies” allow our website to remember which mode of operation you have chosen (e.g. whether you are using the English or the Hungarian version of the website, how many hits appear at once in the search result list, etc.). This is done so that you do not have to re-enter them on your next visit. Without the information contained in the “cookies” that store your preferences, our website may not function as smoothly as it should.

The supporting “cookies” used by the website are as follows:

The cookie needed for the website cookie policy to work stores whether the visitor has accepted the “cookie policy”: RBH_COOKIE_PRIVACY_ACCEPTED

Cookie to test whether the cookie is supported by the browsing device: COOKIE_SUPPORT

3.4 “Targeted advertising cookies”

The purpose of using “targeted advertising cookies” is to select the advertisements that are of most interest or interest to our visitors and display them on our website. They also allow us to measure the performance of our campaigns.

These cookies allow third-party service providers, including Google, to serve you targeted ads on other websites based on your previous visit to our website.

These cookies cannot identify you personally. They do, however, collect information about, for example, which pages you have visited, where you clicked within the page and how many pages you have opened.

You can find out more about Google’s privacy policy on advertising at this link:

<span style="color: var( –e-global-color-text ); letter-spacing: 0px;" the="" website="" uses="" "targeting="" and="" advertising="" cookies"="" from="" following="" providers:

Google Adwords: detailed information about this service is available at this link:

Facebook: the detailed information about this service is available via the following link:

Doubleclick: The full details of this service are available at the following link:

3.5 “Web statistics cookies”

With the help of “web statistics cookies” we collect information about how our visitors use our website (e.g. which pages the visitor viewed, which part of the website was clicked on, how many pages were visited, how long the time of each visit/session was, what were the error messages, etc.). This is done in order to further develop our website (available services, functions, etc.) according to the needs of our visitors and to provide them with a high quality, user-friendly experience.

For performance measurement purposes, our website uses third-party “cookies” during each visit. We use “cookies” to track how many people visit the website and what content they are interested in. All information is stored anonymously and used to anonymously analyse visitor behaviour in order to provide a high quality experience for users.

3.6 The website uses or may use cookies from the following service providers for analytics purposes:

Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics. The detailed information about this service is available via the following link:

Hotjar: a service used for heatmap analytics, which collects information on click location, mouse movement. Detailed information in English:

  • 4. The scope of data collected by the Ice Rink through cookies.

We collect and process the following data about you and your computer or browsing device through cookies:
the IP address you use,
the browser type,
the operating system characteristics of the browsing device (e.g. type, language set),
the exact time of your visit,
the address of the previously visited page,
the page, sub-page, feature or service visited
the time spent on the page.

Please note that these cookies alone cannot personally identify the visitor.

  • 5. Data retention.

The data related to the use of the website will be kept for 12 months by the Ice Rink and its partners (Mediaorigo Ltd.) for the operation of the website, after which it will be deleted or anonymised. The data recorded may be accessed by the operator’s staff for the above purposes. The transmission of the recorded data is only possible in the cases and for the purposes stipulated by law and to the persons authorised by law (typically for law enforcement, national security purposes). Anonymised data relating to the use of the website may be used for statistical purposes.

  • 6. Data security in cookie management

It is essential that the Ice Rink does not remember any identifiers or passwords when “cookies” are enabled.
The visitor can use our online services in complete safety even if he accepts “cookies”.

  • 7. Checking cookie settings, disabling cookies.

Modern browsers allow you to change your “cookie settings”. Some browsers automatically accept “cookies” by default, but this setting can be changed to prevent automatic acceptance in the future. If you change this setting, the browser will offer you the option to “set cookies” each time you visit.
Please note that since the purpose of “cookies” is to support and facilitate the usability and processes of the website, we cannot guarantee that the visitor will be able to use all the functions of the website to their full extent if “cookies” are disabled. The website may then function differently than intended in the browser.

  • 8 .More detailed information about the “cookie settings” of the following browsers below:

      • Google Chrome
      • Firefox
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
      • Microsoft Edge
      • Safari