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Városligeti Műjégpálya

Városligeti Műjégpálya

Skating of school groups – 12-21 December

iskoláscsoport oktatás

From 12 to 21 December, in addition to our individual guests, we only welcome registered school groups for a maximum of 2 hours during the morning opening hours.

You can register in the table below.

Important: please do not enter your own name in the personal details, but the name of the school, the class and an e-mail address to which confirmation can be sent.

Except for this period, we accept groups without time limit even without registration, but it will make our work easier if you log in to our appointment booking system.

On school days between 8:00-13:00, you can come in with a group student card for 800 HUF/person. For groups and classes of more than 10 students, one accompanying teacher per class is free of charge, the other accompanying teachers, teachers and parents must buy the 800 HUF ticket, regardless of whether they skate or not.

For group ticket holders, skate rental is also discounted at a cost of HUF 1000 /person, no time limit, but a deposit of 10.000 HUF/group is required. The accompanying teacher is responsible for the return of the skates, after which the deposit will be refunded.

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